Thursday, March 29, 2007

Scavenger Hunt

I fell behind a week so this is the scavenger hunt just one week later... Takes a long time. I'm so used to using google as my search engine. I was slightly thrown off. Although it wasnt too difficult.


1. What is the weight of the world's biggest pumpkin?
A. The world's biggest pumpkin weighed in at 1502 Ibs.

2. What is the best way (quickest, most reliable) to contact Grant Hackett?
A. Address is:
Miami Swimming Club
PO BOX 2461

3. What is the length of a giraffe's tongue?
A. A giraffe's tongue is 18-20 inches (46-50 cm)

4. How would you define the word 'ontology'? In your own words, what does it really mean ?
A. Ontology is the study of things that 'exist.' It is to provide definitions and information on a range of things in existence and their functions.,,sid9_gci212702,00.html

5. What was David Cronenberg's first feature film?
A. First feature film was Stereo in 1969.

6. When was the original 'Hacker's Manifesto' written?
A. January 8, 1986

7. Why do all phone numbers in Hollywood films start with '555'?
A. 555 was an unassigned dialling code.,5753,-2357,00.html

8. What is the cheapest form of travel from Crete to Rhodes?
A. Cheapest way to travel is by ferry which costs around 120 euros.

9. What song was top of the Australian Pop Charts this week in 1965?
A. I'll never find another you- The Seekers

10. Which Brisbane band includes Stephen Stockwell on keyboards and vocals?
A. The Black Assassins


What is a search engine?
A search engine is a gateway to a load of information provided when you type in a category into a search bar. The information is provided by webpages created by millions of internet users.

How do search engines rank the stuff they find on the internet?
Google as an example ranks the pages through a range of different factors including: Keywords, freshness of page and file size.

who, or what, makes one page (that you might get in your search results) more useful than another one, so that it is put at the top of your search results?
It doesnt. It is based on the factors above.

what are some of your favourite search engines? why do you like one more than others?
Google is my favourite. It is my default page when I open my browser.


Friends: A photo taken at Schoolies 2006. It's the ultimate getaway with friends.

High-Tech: Mobile phones have become a major part in communicating with others. They are increasingly become more high-tech and including things like cameras and internet connection.

News: News is widely broadcast on television everyday all over the world. Television is a major source of news

Summer: Where else would you spend the hot summer days but the beach?

Unconventional: Definately a different way of getting the attention of the opposite sex...

University Life: Represents new friends, excitement of a new experience and an accpeting and diverse culture.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Yeah Myspace!

Communication technologies is a big part in how I communicate with friends. I've usually run out of phone credit by the end of the week from texting them all. 'Meet me at the uni bar' should become a template in my mobile. And who can forget about myspace. All events/parties etc are organised through myspace and its the only way we find out whats happening on the weekend.Msn messenger used to be handy. But since msn fails to operate on my computer it is no longer used to communicate with people.

I've pretty much grown up using technology to communicate. Telephones, texting, msn and now myspace. The internet is a land of wonderous communication opportunities. I think a lot of people my age have become so accustomed to using keyboards/keypads to communicate, we've forgotten the art of conversation slash we're just too lazy to strike up a verbal conversation.

Its so easy to meet people on the other side of the world using communication technologies. And cheaper. Its minus the cost of flying to germany etc to meet people. Now world wide pen pals are just a click and a type away.

I don't really talk to people I don't know in real life on the internet. Too many creepy old men who like to prey on 15 year old girls use the internet. I don't trust people I havent met. But if I've met you then I could chat for hours on the internet. Its useful if you're writing comments etc. Then you have time to respond to people. Have time to come up with witty comments. Think about what you want to write. Very useful.

Yeah Myspace!

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Into the world of Blogging

Its my first internet blog site. Apart from MySpace. And it so happens to be an assessment item for New Communication Technologies. Voluntary? Not really. But fun nevertheless.
My name is Emma. I'm 17 years old and I reside on the Gold Coast. After 12 years of forced education I've signed myself up for another 3 years doing a Bachelor of Arts at Griffith Univeristy.

So far I've sat through a total of 2 lectures and I have to admit that a vast majority of the information when straight over the top of my head. Or I was in a complete dreamlike state and didn't hear. Bad start I know. But I'm still getting the hang of the whole "motivating yourself" to do work and take notes.

In the 2nd lectureI was presented with the film La Jetee. Personally I found it a little disturbing. And I am still trying to understand the whole concept and point of the movie and how it relates to New Communication technologies. Definately an original film. Well to me it is... I havent seen one like it. Although I'm not one to sit and watch a sci-fi film on a reular basis.

I think my main aim for next lecture is to attempt to pay attention. Sounds terrible and it has nothing to do with the lecturer. Its just that I have an attention span of about 3 seconds before I get bored and start counting how many times I can successfully spin my pen around in circles before it spins off the desk and smacks the person in front of me in the head, or start to wonder just how many chairs there are in the lecture theatre and start to count them. I apologise in advance to anyone sitting in front of me who get smacked in the head by my pen. Its not intentional. I swear. But I am working on paying attention. I just need to work a little harder. One day I will be able to go to a lecture and remember every detail and note that was pointed out to me by the lecturer. One day soon hopefully.